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RE Low/Medium Pressure Check Valve

  • Max. Working Pressure: 40bar

  • IDd:13~56mm

  • Working Temperature: -50℃~+180℃

  • Body Material: 304/CF8 Stainless steel

Product details:

RE Lift Check Valve (1/2″~21/2″)



A) RE general-purpose check valve uses rubber sealed disk featuring good sealing effects and is applicable to air, steam, water, oils and various other liquids and gases compatible with the valve material.
B) REQ silent check valve has no spring but achieves sealing by the aid of the gravity of the valve core; it is applicable to 1) macro-pressure gases, and 2) applications where vibration noise is caused by low gas flow. It must be horizontally mounted with the bonnet on the top.


Technical Data

● Applicable media: air, steam, water, oils and other gases and liquids compatible with the valve material
● Cracking pressure: 0.2 bar (standard for RE); 0.5 bar is recommended for oils and other high-viscosity liquids (tolerance for all cracking pressures: ±25%)
● Disk sealing material: NBR (standard); FPM or EPDM (optional)
● Body material: 304/CF8 stainless steel
● Working temperature: see “Application of Sealing Materials”
● Type of connection: G female thread (ISO228-1)


Application of Sealing Materials


Material Uses
NBR Intended for oils, water, air and other non-corrosive media; temperature: -35℃~+100℃
FPM Good chemical adaptability; especially applicable to oils and most acids; temperature: -25℃~+180℃
EPDM Intended for ammonia, steam, formaldehyde and ethylene glycol; mineral oil intolerant; temperature: -50℃~+130℃


Ordering Information


Parameters Table:

Table of Technical Data [mm]


Ordering Number Connection
IDd L H Nominal Pressure
RE-G1/2-N-SS 1/2 13 65 36 40
RE-G3/4-N-SS 3/4 18 76 41
RE-G1-N-SS 1 22 90 52
RE-G11/4-N-SS 11/4 28 105 60
RE-G11/2-N-SS 11/2 35 125 69.5
RE-G2-N-SS 2 44 145 81.5 25
RE-G21/2-N-SS 2/21 56 175 97


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