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PLT Flat Face Quick Release Coupling

  • Max. Working Pressure: 400bar

  • Size: 1/4"~11/4"

  • Working Temperature: -25℃~+180℃

  • Body Material: 304 Stainless steel

Product details:

PLT Flush Head High Pressure Quick Release Coupling



By adopting hardened stainless steel and special heat treatment, PLT series can be used for high pressure applications. There are barely fluid spills when the flush head quick release couplings are coupled and separated. They can be used for liquid or gas systems requiring keeping the environment clean, and also for applications of single-hand operation and harsh environmental conditions.

Type of construction: dual-closed; male and female couplings are both self-sealed.

● Both male and female couplings have a self-sealing valve: the male and female couplings push open the self-sealing valve of each other after coupled, and the passage is open; after separation, the valves automatically close, thus preventing liquid spills.
● Free of leakage: there is barely leakage during coupling and separation, thereby keeping the environment clean and safe.
● Safety lock: there is a safety pin on the female coupling surface to prevent accidental separation of the couplings after they are coupled.
● Applicable media: water, air, oils, etc.
● Anti-pollution: The flush front end of the couplings prevents the accumulation of dirt, facilitates cleaning and prevents dirt from being brought inside.
● Coupling material: 304 stainless steel and 630 hardened steel combined; sealing material: FPM (-25℃~+180℃)
● Max. plug-in pressure: 3 bar

Ordering Information


Parameters Table:

Table of Technical Data [mm]


Female Coupling Ordering Number Male Coupling Ordering Number Connection DN L F V D K SW1 SW2 Max. Working Pressure [bar]
PLT06F-G1/4-SS PLT06M-G1/4-SS G1/4 6 100 59 52 28.5 16.2 22 22 400
PLT08F-G3/8-SS PLT08M-G3/8-SS G3/8 8 107.5 62 59 32 19.7 24 27 350
PLT12F-G1/2-SS PLT12M-G1/2-SS G1/2 12 125.5 77 64 38.5 24.5 32 32 315
PLT16F-G3/4-SS PLT16M-G3/4-SS G3/4 16 133.5 80 70.5 41 27 36 36 300
PLT19F-G1-SS PLT19M-G1-SS G1 19 159.7 97 85 47 29.9 41 41 250
PLT25F-G11/4-SS PLT25M-G11/4-SS G11/4 25 189.5 117 95.6 56 36 50 50 210


Dust Cap



Size 1/4″ 3/8″ 1/2″ 3/4″ 1″ 11/4″
Plastic Dust Cap (for male coupling) PT-1/4M PT-3/8M PT-1/2M PT-3/4M PT-1M PT-11/4M
Plastic Dust Cap (for female coupling) PT-1/4F PT-3/8F PT-1/2F PT-3/4F PT-1F PT-11/4F


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