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BKH Pneumatically Operated Ball Valve

  • Max. Working Pressure:400bar

  • Nominal Size: 6~25mm

  • Working Temperature: -50℃~+200℃

  • Body Material: 304 or 316L Stainless steel 、Carbon steel

Product details:

BKH Pneumatically Operated High Pressure Ball Valve

Product Overview: Pneumatic actuators are used to drive the switching of position of BKH series high pressure ball valves, thereby realizing automatic control. Pneumatic actuators are divided into two types: double acting and single acting (spring return). Double acting actuators have a high output torque and high pressure ball valves generally use double acting actuators.


Technical Data
● Working pressure/temperature: see BKH ball valve manual
● Switching time: <1 s
● Actuator control pressure: 5~8 bar
● See P182 for information about actuators


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Parameters Table:

Table of Technical Data [mm]


Nominal Size Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator H L
210 bar (water) 300 bar (air or water) 210bar 300bar 210bar 300bar
DN06 DR15 DR15 155 155 155 155
DN08 DR15 DR15 155 155 155 155
DN10 DR15 DR30 158 173.5 155 168
DN13 DR30 DR30 174.5 174.5 168 168
DN16 DR60 DR60 196.5 196.5 219 219
DN20 DR60 DR60 203 203 219 219
DN25 DR60 DR100 204.5 233 219 249


Pneumatically Operated High Pressure Ball Valve with Control Solenoid Valve and Valve Position Indicator
The switching between intake and exhaust of the actuator of a pneumatically operated high pressure ball valve is realized by a solenoid valve. 4M series reversing solenoid valves provided by EAGLE can be tightly secured on the side of actuators. Besides, TCR series valve position indicators can be mounted as required on the actuator top, to convert valve positions into electrical signals.


Technical Data (see P184)
1) 4M series solenoid valve
● Voltage: 24 VDC or 220 VAC
● Connection thread: Rc1/4
2) TCR valve position indicator
● No. of contacts: 1 NO contact &1 NC contact at each position
● Max. load of contact: 16 A, 250 VAC


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