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EVM Pneumatically Operated Globe Valve

  • Max. Working Pressure:

  • DN:6~25mm

  • Working Temperature: -20℃~+80℃

  • Body Material:304 Stainless steel

Product details:

EVM Pneumatically Operated Valve = Pneumatic Actuator + Valve


Uses and Features
The EVM one-piece 2-way pneumatically operated valve can replace pneumatically operated ball valves. The valve is controlled with compressed air and features small size, low air consumption, integration of pneumatic actuator and valve, and stainless steel body.
Its unique sealing structure prevents system fluid from mixing with air supply of the pneumatic actuator.


Technical Data
● Applicable media: water, air, oils and other non-corrosive liquids or gases
● Medium filter rating: 100 meshes (0.15 mm)
● Body material: 304 stainless steel; cast body for DN>10
● Max. working pressure: see “Table of Technical Data”
● Working temperature: -20℃~+80℃
● Type of Switching:normally closed NC (close with air off &open with air on)
● Control gas pressure: 5~10 bar


Precautions for Installation: Port P for air inlet; port R for air outlet; connect the air outlet only to the atmosphere rather than compressed air, or the valve may be damaged.



Application of Sealing Materials


Code Material Uses
N NBR (standard) Applicable to water, oils, air and other non-corrosive media
F FPM (optional) Good corrosion resistance; applicable to most media; intolerant of ammonia, alcohols and diethyl ether
9 PU Applicable to air, oils and water; gas tight
3 UHMWPE Good corrosion resistance; applicable to most media except for strong acids


Ordering Information


Parameters Table:

Table of Technical Data [mm]


Applicable Media Ordering Number DN Connection
L A Max. Working Pressure [bar]
Liquids or Gases EVM06-G1/4-N9-SS 6 G1/4 76 38 80
EVM10-G3/8-N9-SS 10 G3/8 77 40
EVM15-G1/2-N9-SS 15 G1/2 98 46
EVM20-G3/4-N9-SS 20 G3/4 113 57
EVM25-G1-N9-SS 25 G1 122 70
Liquids EVM06-G1/4-N3-SS 6 G1/4 76 38 120
EVM10-G3/8-N3-SS 10 G3/8 77 40
EVM15-G1/2-N3-SS 15 G1/2 98 46
EVM20-G3/4-N3-SS 20 G3/4 113 57
EVM25-G1-N3-SS 25 G1 122 70


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