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MKH Electrically Operated Globe Valve

  • Max. Working Pressure: 160bar

  • DN:15~50mm

  • Working Temperature:-25℃~+60℃

  • Body Material: 304 Stainless steel

Product details:

MKH Series High Pressure Electrically Operated Valve (DN15~DN50)


MKH electrically operated globe valves are mainly used for controlling the opening and closing of fluid lines. Such valves have not only the small size of solenoid valves, but also the ease of control, signal feedback and position visual inspection of electrically operated ball valves.


● Applicable media: water, oil, air and other non-corrosive liquids or gases compatible with valve material
● The valves have a high pressure rating and can be manually opened or closed in the case of an emergency.
● Direction of medium flow and installation: unidirectional flow (horizontally installed, or vertically installed with outlet UP)


Technical Data
•Type of connection: weld end (removable)
•Body material: 304 stainless steel; connecting bracket: corrosion-resistant Al
•Body seal: NBR
•Disk seal: PU
•Temperature of medium: -25℃~+80℃
•Ambient temperature: -25℃~+60℃
•Working voltage: 24 VDC 
•Switching time: 9 s (DN15~32), 13 s (DN40~50)


Electric Actuator Wiring Diagram: DC Circuit Diagram



Ordering Information



Parameters Table:

Table of Technical Data [mm]


Ordering Number DN AD S A H L
W-MKH-15-22L-24VDC-N9-SS 15 22 2.5 57 93.4 195
W-MKH-20-28L-24VDC-N9-SS 20 28 3 57 93.4 201
W-MKH-25-35L-24VDC-N9-SS 25 35 3.5 60.7 94.8 207
W-MKH-32-42L-24VDC-N9-SS 32 42 3.5 73 100 219
W-MKH-40-48L-24VDC-N9-SS 40 48 3.5 91 107 244
W-MKH-50-60L-24VDC-N9-SS 50 60 4 108.5 125 296


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