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OA Angle Needle Valve

  • Max. Working Pressure: 350bar

  • DN:4.5mm、6.5mm

  • Working Temperature:-30℃~+180℃

  • Body Material: 304、316L Stainless steel

Product details:

OA Series Panel Mountable Needle Valve


Uses: applicable to flow regulation and intended for throttling and shutoff


Features:  panel mountable; one-piece valve body; case-hardened stem; long service life of valve; allowing for frequent switching.


Max. working pressure: 350 bar
Metal material: 304 stainless steel (-SS)/316L valves (-SL) may be customized if a large order quantity is required.
Sealing material: PTFE packing
Working temperature: -30℃~180℃
Applicable media: water, oils and other liquids or gases compatible with valve material
Type of handle: round PF handle (standard); stainless steel straight handles (“-Z”) are recommended for applications with a pressure exceeding 210 bar.



Compression End Angle Needle Valves [mm]


Connection mode Specification and model Diameter DN dimension
import A1 exit A2 B C G H
Sleeve connection 8 Sleeve connection 8 E-OA-8L-SS 4.5 34 34 14.5 66
10 10 E-OA-10L-SS 6.5 37.5 37.5 19.5 86

Parameters Table:


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