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KVV Relief Valve

  • Max. Working Pressure: 1~25bar

  • DN:2~5.5mm

  • Working Temperature:-10℃~+50℃

  • Body Material:304 Stainless steel

Product details:

KVV Low Lift Stainless Steel Relief Valve (1/4″~1/2″)


● Intended for limiting system pressure, thereby preventing system pressure from exceeding the preset safe value (set pressure);
● KVV relief valves can be used for neutral or slightly corrosive liquids and gases.


Low lift structure, applicable to liquids and gases with low emissions
● Direct acting construction, flexible valve operation
● Set pressure adjustable
● Straight shape, compact construction


Operating Principle: When inlet end pressure goes beyond the set pressure, it overcomes the spring force and opens the disk, and the medium at the inlet end is discharged via the relief valve to the outlet end, thereby controlling the inlet end pressure within the set range. The outlet end generally connects a vent, or it will affect pressure relief. When system pressure falls below the re-seating pressure, the disk and the seat close.


Note: KVV relief valves are used in common pressure relief applications to prevent over-pressure, but not used as relief valves defined in pressure vessel design standards.

Technical Data
Set pressure setting range: 1~4 bar, 4~12 bar, 12~25 bar
● Casing pressure rating: 160 bar
● Set pressure repeatability: ±5%
● Min. re-seating pressure: 85% of set pressure 
● Casing material: 304 stainless steel
● Disk material &temperature rating: FPM(standard) (-25℃~+100℃) EPDM (optional) (-50℃~+100℃)
● Spring material: 304 stainless steel



Ordering Information


Parameters Table:

Table of Technical Data [mm]


Ordering Number Hole Diameter A B L SW
KVV-1/4NPT-M/F-SS 2 1/4NPT 1/4NPT 54 17
KVV-R1/4-M/F-SS 2 R1/4 Rc1/4 54 17
KVV-R1/2-M/F-SS 5.5 R1/2 Rc1/2 74 27


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