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RB Overflow Valve

  • Max. Working Pressure: 3.4~300bar

  • DN:5~12mm

  • Working Temperature: -10℃~+50℃

  • Body Material: 不锈钢304

Product details:

RB Series Fluid Pressure Control Valve (1/4″~1″)


Uses: RB series overflow valves are used to control valve inlet end pressure, with the outlet connected to a water or oil tank. They are frequently used for pressure control of hydraulic, lubricating and high pressure water systems and are generally connected to the main pipeline at pump outlet. Applicable media are neutral liquids.


Operating Principle: When inlet end pressure goes beyond the set pressure, it overcomes the spring force and opens the disk, and the valve starts to overflow through the outlet end and discharge the liquid into a tank or other low pressure terminals, thereby maintaining the inlet end pressure constant at the set value. Different from relief valves, overflow valves are always open during use and not used as leak-free shutoff valves.


Technical Data
● Set pressure range: 3.4~300 bar
● Set pressure repeatability: ±5%
● Casing pressure rating: 400 bar
● Body material: 304 stainless steel
● Disk material: hardened stainless steel
● Guide ring material: brass
● O-ring material: FPM (-25℃~+180℃)



Ordering Information


Parameters Table:

Table of Technical Data [mm]


DN Ordering Number Inlet Outlet  Set Pressure 3.4~150 bar Set Pressure 135~300 bar
5 R3B-R1/4M-R1/4-SS R1/4 Male Thread Rc1/4 Female Thread 90 36 28 105 35 28
7 R4B-R1/2M-R1/2-SS R1/2 Male Thread Rc1/2 Female Thread 112 42 39 130 44 35.5
12 R5B-R1M-R1-SS R1 Male Thread Rc1 Female Thread 139 62 50 158 57 45.5


Application of Sealing Materials


Material Uses
FPM Good corrosion resistance; applicable to most media; intolerant of ammonia, alcohols and diethyl ether; temperature range: -25℃~+180℃


Table of R3B/R4B/R5B Spring Selection

Spring Code Pressure Setting Range Valve Series
X 3.4~10bar R3B/R4B/R5B
A 8~24bar
B 21~50bar
C 45~100bar
D 90~150bar
E 135~220bar
F 185~300bar


Flow Data at 20℃



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