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MB Direct Acting Solenoid Valve

  • Max. Working Pressure: 0~30bar

  • DN:2~4mm

  • Working Temperature:-10℃~+50℃

  • Body Material:Stainless steel

Product details:

MB Stainless Steel Solenoid Valve (DN2~4 mm)


Features: Compact size, long service life.


Applicable Media: Air, water, oils, non-corrosive neutral gases and liquids


Technical Data
Type of switching: normally closed NC (close with power off, open with power on; standard); normally open NO (optional)
● Body material: 304 stainless steel and magnetic stainless steel
● Direction of medium flow: unidirectional flow
● Temperature of medium: -5℃~+80℃
● Ambient temperature: -10℃~+50℃
● Viscosity of medium: ≤40 cst
● Supply voltage: 24 VDC or 12 VDC (max. deviation: ±10%)
● Electrical connection: DIN 43650 junction box or lead type (explosion-proof)
● Ex-mark: Ex mb ⅡC T4 Gb/Ex mD 21 T130℃
● Protection class: IP65


Application of Sealing Materials


Code Material Uses
F FPM Good corrosion resistance; applicable to most media; intolerant of ammonia, alcohols and diethyl ether
E EPDM Intended for ammonia, acetic acid, methanol, steam and ethylene glycol; mineral oil intolerant


Ordering Information



Outline Diagram of Female Connection


Parameters Table:

Table of Technical Data [mm]


Ordering Number DN Connection A    L E F B C Working Pressure [bar] Power Non-explosion proof
Common Type Explosion-proof
MB02-G1/4-24VDC-F-SS 2 G1/4 62 50 12 20 22 54 0~30 0~18 22W
MB03-G1/4-24VDC-F-SS 3 G1/4 62 50 12 20 22 54 0~16 0~9.5 22W
MB04-G1/4-24VDC-F-SS 4 G1/4 62 50 12 20 22 54 0~8 0~4.5 22W


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